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1 year in the beauty business

As I recently passed my one year business anniversary I started to assess what has worked for me. Firstly as nearly 20% of new businesses fail before they even get to one year I gave myself a small pat on the back... but no time to be complacent!

My first thoughts are how pleased I am that I chose Caci and Dermalogica as my two main product offers. The results that I am seeing with the Caci courses are just phenomenal and happy clients are always a pleasure to be around. My favourite treatment has to be the red carpet synergy treatment and although I am not a sales person ( this is something I do struggle with!) my confidence in this treatment is easy to relay as I know the results will be excellent.

Dermalogica have just it all spot on... new, scientifically proven products coming to market all of the time and the training for me as a therapist is second to non. Again I'm seeing great results across the board but especially products like the peels and the serums are very very effective.

Later into my journey I invested in the LED light system, Dermalux Flex that compliments my facial treatments so well but I am also selling a lot of stand alone light therapy courses for acne, sun damage pigmentation and anti ageing so another successful investment. Plus its great for me to lie under and re-charge after after a busy day!

My collegen sales are definitely a growth area as people are becoming more and more educated to the benefits of taking this regularly but especially a high grade product like

Totally Derma. I am taking it myself and I am starting to see some great results in my skin, hair and joints.

So whats next?

I think a course on micro needling with Dermalogica would be a great fit for the clinic as I read more and more about the amazing benefits. Closely followed by the new Caci Elite Advance course to keep my offer up to date and to keep me up to speed with all of the new technology...and maybe a sales course could come in handy!!

Stay Beautiful

Hannah x

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