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I am delighted at how popular my new Dermalux Flex MD LED Light Therapy Device has been. For a 30 minute treatment for £30 or an add on to your facials for £1 per minute it really is a little slice of heaven relaxing under there!

For those of you asking..what is this?

It’s a clinically proven, professional-level LED therapy to improve skin health.



A total of 360 LED bulbs (120 Blue, 120 Red, 120 Near-Infrared) send wavelengths deep below the skin’s surface.

Blue light (415nm) eliminates acne-causing bacteria to reduce and treat breakouts. Clinically proven to significantly improve and clear mild to moderate acne by 76% after just 4 weeks.

Red light (633nm) energises the skin to promote fast cell repair and renewal, while fading fine lines and wrinkles, redness, pigmentation and psoriasis.

The combination of Red (633nm) and Near-Infrared light (830nm) help to improve skin texture and smoothness up to 79%.

Near-Infrared light (830nm) reduces inflammation, calms irritation and strengthens the skin, as well as increasing cell regeneration up to 200%.

I will be using this fabulous new addition to my skin clinic as an add on to my treatments or as a stand alone treatment.

Dermalux Flex MD LED Light Therapy 

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