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Tell me about your skin care routine?

So... a lot of my lovely clients ask me what my skin care programme is each I thought I’d give you a little insight to my routine.

I use Dermalogica products which are scientifically fantastic (you can buy all of these products through my website)

Morning Routine;

To cleanse I use a Special Cleansing Gel. This lovely product foams up and then I wash it off with warm water. On to the toning with the Ultra Calming Mist...this is so rehydrating and my following products penetrate much better with this prep. Then I apply Serum Vit C ...this fabulous anti-ageing serum has rejuvenating and healing properties as well as feeding my skin.

Moving onto applying my moisturiser, the NEW Phyto cream is incredible. Firming, rehydrating and nourishing in a lovely light cream that is not heavy and sticky and is clinically proven to take 4 years off you!

(4 years!!)

Then I apply my SPF 30 cream all year round to protect my skin from damage.

On to to the night time routine;


I like to double cleanse with a pre cleanser oil to take off all my make up and general days dirt then I use my soothing gel cleanser


I use the Circular Hydration Serum which full of hyaluronic acid, everyone’s favourite, so that the skin can regenerate its hydration overnight.

Then for a night cream I use the new Phyto cream again to get the firmness and moisture. I love the fact that you can use this cream day and night... less packaging and dual use has to be the way forward!

Ever other day I use the daily microfolient exfoliator....I keep this in the shower to remind me to use it. This gives my skin a lovely glow and helps the other products do their job properly by nourishing fresh skin cells.

Now...I hear you much time does all of that take and how expensive will all of these products be? As the owner of the HLD Skin Clinic I can appreciate that this level of commitment is not always possible but Dermalogica offer some great starter kits and sets that give you the opportunity to try these amazing products. They are also fab at giving customers generous sized samples!

If you want to chat about any of this then please give me a shout via my website and with plenty of tips and promotions on the way you may want to join the HLD club and sign up to my mailing list?

That's it for now,

Stay beautiful!

Hannah x

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