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Do Caci facials actually work?

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

We see much said about Caci in the press with beautiful celebrities endorsing this non-invasive facial and Instagram is littered with before and after shots that can just look like the same picture! But does it actually work?

Of course I am a huge advocate for this treatment being a once regular client and now a fully trained Caci Beauty therapist but I thought you would like to hear it from one of my clients instead this time…

“I’ve been having Caci now since my daughter was born and she turns 12 in a few weeks. A friend recommended it and she looked great so I thought I’d give it a whirl. I’d had two children in 2 years and my skin (which is always on the dry side) looked dehydrated and quite frankly exhausted from all of the disturbed sleep. After having a 2nd baby just before I turned 40 I felt like I needed a treat, little did I know that 12 years down the line I’d still be flying the Caci flag…and treating myself!”

What are the benefits? “for me seeing before and after posts wouldn’t sell it to me as in my eyes they don’t actually look that different most of the time but it’s the subtle difference when you apply makeup or catch your self in a photo and skin actually looks good and in some cases looks as plump and young as those around me that are years younger”

Why not Botox?

“I have friends who have fillers and Botox and they look good…now. It’s a personal choice of course and I chose to try something more natural…plus I really enjoy the experience of a Caci facial. I find it very relaxing and I like to see the instant results. I’m not a fan of needles near my face either”

Does it hurt?

“No it doesn’t hurt…it’s actually very theraputic. A good therapist will know what level to start you on and a great therapist, like Hannah at HLD Skin Clinic, will make the facial bespoke to you and your skins needs. I find the top lip treatment quite tingly and sensitive so Hannah is always careful there so as not to make me feel uncomfortable”

What are the best bits?

“For me the jowel lift makes a real difference each month and the hydro tone mask is heavenly and very hydrating for my skin. Looking back at photos of my

pre-Caci days I still believe my skin looks more hydrated now (at a menopausal 51) than it did then at 39….that makes me feel good about myself.

Isn’t that what it’s all about?”

Thanks to Helen for guest blogging for me today. If you would like to know more about my Caci treatments and what it could do for your skin then have a look at my website or get in touch...

Stay beautiful!

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